My Story

 Hi Everyone, My name is Jacque, and I am from Casper, WY. Now you’re probably thinking, oh boy, she is not anywhere near me, how can she help me with an order, or starting my own Scentsy Consultant Business.....Let me tell you how....I may not be near you personally, but I am just a ear shout away....I would love nothing more than to help you get your Scentsy Business off the ground as well.I first came across Scentsy at our County Fair a few years ago, I was to be honest, hesitant about buying Scentsy, as you see, I have so many allergies to aerosols, incents, etc....As well, as I raise Birds and have small grandkids, who are very rambunctious… Well I broke down, bought a warmer and 3 bars.....I got home, got it all set up and sat back and waited, I just knew I would start to experience the allergies any minute.....Well, 3 years later, I am still breathing freely, my birds are still alive, and my grandkids still have all 10 fingers, and my house is still standing :)In other words, I LOVE SCENSTY!!!! I have experienced NO issues with my allergies, my birds are doing great, and my grandkids have not been burnt, despite them having to test the *waters* warmers by putting their fingers in the wax.... And not a peep out of them, other then...ewww look Grandma.....My fingers have wax on them...And most importantly, my house is still in one piece...I leave my warmers on, 24/7 and do not go to sleep or leave the house in fear of it burning down..I joined the Scentsy Family on Oct. 2, 2009 and could not be happier.....If I have not convinced you by now, that Scentsy is a GREAT product, feel free to contact me and lets chat some more.<!--endbody-->